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September New Moon in Virgo Collective Unconscious Reading

Here we go folks a collective unconscious reading for the New Moon in Virgo ♍ September 2021. This reading is done with a traditional Rider Waite Tarot, Magickal Herb Oracle, Star Seed Oracle, & Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck. It is a taste of what is to come for humanity & guidance on how to handle it over the next 30 or so days until the next New Moon coming in October.

To start things off we have the Star Seed Oracle sending a messenger to let us know, we have the love.

Humanity has the ability to restore balance and peace to itself, but to do that we have to reevaluate our relationships and energetic agreements. If we are giving more than receiving, being hurt instead of lifted up, and if we are afraid to be our true selves, there is a problem. It is time to reevaluate the many dynamics within our personal lives and society. Go within and know that innate gifts unique to you lie in waiting that will be essential to your journey. Tapping into these are the keys to unlocking eternal

satisfaction and joy in life.

Remove all obstacles that are holding you back. By following our true passions we find our power. Then we spread that serenity and inner peace to others, beginning the process of restoring harmony to humanity.

Next the Magikal Herb Oracle asks us to Flow. While before the Star Seed encouraged us to reevaluate, now we are reminded that even though there is a challenge, we have the resilience required to overcome. Success is likely if you can go with the flow, but we must have patience as all things take their natural course and time. Right Now is the calm before the storm. Rest and recharge and you will surmount all obstacles.

The Rider Waite Tarot threw out an extra third card, the 5 of cups to make a 3 card spread. first we have the hierophant, a symbol of our roles in the organization & mechanics of society. Because this card is reversed it calls awareness that we may be failing to act on our innate gifts and activate our destined life paths. We may pleasantly waft through our day to day activities comfortable enough, be skilled at what job we do, and everything seem fine, but is your soul really satisfied? Do your life choices and energetic contracts honor your true self? Are you fulfilling the needs/expectations of others while ignoring your own desires?

If you are feeling exhausted or burnt out ask yourself; are you using your energies wisely & what changes can be put into play to usher you closer to your true hearts calling/life destiny?

Next, the Page of Swords reversed. A man of authority stands alone raising a sword. He symbolizes the negative aspects of the powerful that often are unforeseen, overlooked, or ignored. People at times cannot accept that they have been wronged by someone who at face value seems caring & benevolent (cognitive dissonance). Long held institutions/relationships/ energetic exchanges are not honorable just because they have existed for forever. It is ok to analyze their intentions and leave old ways behind that are no longer functioning as they should. The Page is another card that asks us to take time to reassess & see what people/ groups are truly helping us raise up and create more happiness in the world. Once you have done this, allow what comes to naturally flow and the answers/solutions you seek will come effortlessly.

Finally, the 5 of Cups is a melancholy scene where a young man contemplates his loss. Although something has most certainly been lost or broken, something remains. Even though old ways may be dissolved, their destruction leaves room for new opportunities. This is a bridge that must be crossed to reach to reach the greener grass on the other side. The 5 of cups indicates a challenge that we must overcome to move forward. It warns us not to get caught up in the grief of our losses but to remain aware of our remaining full cups, opportunities for the future.

Finally to complete our unconscious journey we have the King of Wands reversed & the two of swords from the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot. The Reversed King represents a powerful figure or Societal institution whose authority/energy is intolerant, impatient, and impulsive. Their actions, indicted by the two of swords, will cause fear, confusion, feelings of being overwhelmed & conflict.

Wow! This was a super intense picture of the next moon period. It'll be important to stay grounded and hold firm in your resolve as challenges big and small out of your control will abound. In this time of intense energies focus on returning to your hearts center, forgive those who trespass against you, and focus on finding your calling to aid humanity transition to a better world.

As Always Much Love & Goof Karma!

- Kitchen Witch Renee

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