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Divine Herbal Oracle Card Reading & Self Care Gift

If you are reading this it intrigued you for a reason! Mother Nature is calling you & wants to aid you on your life path. A 1 card draw of the herbal oracle will be done in the honor of your spirit. The message will be the Affirmation on the card & what is intuitively divined and free written. Intuitively chosen magic & self care gifts will then be blindly selected by fate based on your drawing. Much love & wellness kindred spirits, may you follow your highest calling and awaken abundance with ease! 

🌿🌟What you will Receive 🌿🌟

An Herb Oracle Card Guidance Affirmation single card pull with what is divined in a video message via email.

A Magical Self Care Packaged based on your card pull filled with whatever intuitive magic & self care items 'la que sabe' (The inner woman who knows) guides me to for you. This may include spell jars, candles, incense, perfumes, herbal oils, spices, teas, plant cuttings, or any other items to help you be your best inside & out. These magical care packages are priced for the base cost of materials and shipping only. I do not make profit from these. They are my way of giving back, sharing herbal love, and spreading good vibes to anyone who needs a hug and a push towards becoming their higher selves💕!

There are 3 levels of reading available:
Minor - This level is the most basic, but still full of love and wisdom with only 1 or 2 self care gifts, a 1 card draw of the herbal oracle, and a personalized roughly 5 minute video.
Major - This is a slightly more robust reading which will include extra self care gifts to aid your personal awakening, a 1 card draw of the herbal oracle, and a personalized roughly 5 minute video.
Vision Quest - This is an in depth personal reading where I may draw from other tarot and oracle cards to help awaken a more clearer vision of what you need to know at this time in your life. Expect a major self care package with lots of goodies along with a 10- 20 minute video.

Have a more in depth question or problem? Custom divinations are welcome, just message me or include what my focus should be in your checkout notes 😉.

About Kitchen Witch Renee
I have always felt closely connected with the healer archetype. Starting even as a young child I found myself drawn to priesthood, only to find out it was a men's world. I instinctually gravitated towards the path of light, giving, caring, and healing while being deeply connected to Mother Nature my whole life. It took many years of experiencing the shadows of this world and overcoming my own to reach the point I am today, divinely guided and challenged to enter the path of the Kitchen Witch. A Kitchen Witch does their magick within the hearth & home. They work with herbs, put magick into meals, & can work intuitively with plant energy to create blessings & wellness. From herbal tea, to carrots on a dinner plate each have their own magical purpose. Indeed, the most minute domestic tasks done by the Kitchen Witch are weaved into divine manifestations of love! That is why I am so excited to offer Herbal Oracle Readings paired with Self Care gifts to help others on their life journeys. These packages are the perfect melding of my skills to spread beauty, health, and happiness as far as the light can shine!

Divine Herbal Oracle Card Reading & Self Care Gift

$20.23 Regular Price
$19.22Sale Price

 I am always here for all your Organic Health and Wellness Questions! Use the contact form in the FAQ, email, call or text 216-313-0124 my personal business line.


Growing Beauty Health & Happiness! Sending you all love & blessings! - Kitchen Witch Renee

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