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10 Minute Blender No Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

No Ice cream organic 10 minute milkshake

In the hottest part of Summer under the time of Great Heat in the Chinese Solar-lunar Calendar nothing is better than a quick sweet treat to beat the heat! Organic Ice Cream is expensive and not always readily available. But if you have milk, ice, vanilla, and a sweetener, you can make yourself a deliciously refreshing Milk Shake in under 10 minutes in the blender! Try this No Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe Today!

10 Minute blender No Ice cream Milkshake Recipe

time: 10 Minutes

Serving: 4 8 oz Cups


  • 3 Cups Raw Milk or Organic Milk*

  • 1 - 3 Cups Ice (more or less depending on thickness desired)

  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

  • Sweetener of Your Choice!

When I'm feeling indulgent I add a 1/4 can sweetened condensed milk or coconut milk, but the options are endless!

1/2 cup raw honey

1/2 cup organic maple syrup

5-6 pitted organic dates

1/4 cup sugar

2 frozen bananas

organic milkshake in blender

** This is a plain vanilla milkshake recipe, but it can easily be altered to make other flavors! Here are some ideas!

For Chocolate add in 1/4 cup Organic Cocoa Powder and 1 teaspoon Organic Chocolate Extract if your have it

For Strawberry add in 2 cups Organic Frozen or Fresh Strawberries

For Mint Chocolate Chip add in 1 teaspoon Peppermint Extract and briefly blitz 1/2 cup Organic Chocolate Chips at the end.

For Green Tea add in 1 tablespoon Organic Matcha Tea Powder and 1 teaspoon Organic Almond Extract

For Coconut add in 1 cup Organic Coconut (any kind) with 1 teaspoon Organic Coconut Extract

All of these ingredients can be found conveniently here at Azure Standard, a large once monthly co-op drop that provides a huge selection of organic groceries and homesteading supplies all over the USA. By shopping with Azure Standard and buying in bulk I am able to skip the supermarkets entirely and provide for my family using only them, and local farmers for eggs, raw milk, meat and veggies.


Add all your ingredients into a Vitamix or a large blender and blend until smooth (If you have a Vitamix, I recommend the frozen dessert setting). Use the tamping stick to push down as needed. If your milkshake ice is preventing the blender from mixing, wait 60 seconds, then blend again. Taste a sample once smooth. Add more or less ice to reach your desired consistency and sweetener until you're satisfied. Enjoy!

10 minute blender no ice cream milkshake


* In some states Raw Milk is illegal or you must sign a contract agreement called a Herdshare in order to purchase milk. Contrary to the popular misconception that unpasteurized milk is unhealthy for your the opposite is alarmingly true. Raw Milk is a superfood. It is easily digested by the body and contains a plethora of vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics that are typically destroyed or non-existent in other milks through processing and pasteurization.

In fact raw milk has been used since ancient times, physicians like Hippocrates, Galen, Pliny and Varro have used raw milk to cure a wide range of diseases. Hippocrates advised tuberculosis sufferers to drink raw milk in quantity. In the Ayurvedic medicine of India, milk is used in the practice of brimhana meaning to “buck up” or nourish the body. It’s also used in rasayana to rejuvenate the body and in vajikarana, to promote sexual function and fertility. Physicians prescribed raw milk as a gentle laxative, to cool inflammation of ulcerated tissues, and as a galactagogue to increase milk production for the nursing mother. In the U.S., raw milk was used for one hundred fifty years to treat a wide range of conditions and is still used today in some hospitals in European and other countries.

raw milk nutrients

Find and support a local Raw Milk farmer near you by searching this Raw Milk farmer USA database here !

Fun Facts to read while you enjoy your milkshake!

Have you ever heard of the Chinese 24 Season Calendar?

Right now as I am writing this we are considered to be in the time of Great Heat which spans the end of July to late August during the period represented by Leo in the Zodiac

The Chinese Calendar is lunisolar, incorporating elements of a lunar calendar with those of a solar calendar. It has been in continual use in China for almost 4000 years. The calendar was important in ancient China both as a guide for agricultural activities and because regularity in the yearly cycle was a sign of a well-governed empire whose ruler was supported by the Mandate of Heaven.

Each year the emperor issued a calendar prepared by a board of astronomers. In the ancient Chinese lunar calendar, each month began on the day of a new moon, with an additional day added from time to time, to catch up with "drifts" between the calendar and the actual moon cycle.

Twenty-four seasonal markers called jiéqì (節氣), which follow the start of the solar year, were inserted in the Chinese calendar to help farmers to decide when to plant or harvest crops. Each jiéqì was named for an event that occurred during that time period on the plains of northern China, such as “the awakening of insects.”

A lunar year (年, nián) is from one Chinese new year to the next. A solar year (歲, suì) is either the period between one Spring Equinox and the next or the period between two winter solstices. The 24 solar terms reflect the changes in climate, natural phenomena, agricultural production, and other aspects of human life, including clothing, food, housing, and transportation. The 24 solar terms play important roles and have greatly influenced people's basic needs in life, and they still have an important function nowadays.

Here they are below!

Chinese Solar Lunar Calendar

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Thank you kindly for the energy exchange! - Kitchen Witch Renee =)

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