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7 Simple Essential Oil Chakra Aligning Recipe Blends for Balance


Grand Rising!

In my last article I reviewed the 7 Chakras and gave you a template to begin balancing your chakras. Today I want to give you some tools to work with. Here are 7 Simple Essential Oils Chakra Aligning Blends you can make at home!


There are a number of ways you may use these simple essential oil blends. To begin select which vessel you will put your oils in that suits your needs.

Bottles for Misting

They can be placed in 1oz mister bottles, which are then filled with water the rest of the way and can be misted on the whole body or on fabric.

aromatherapy roll ons

You could fill roller vials with the essential oils, then some water, hydrosol, or plain vodka and apply as a perfume to the temples, neck and chest.


dropper bottle

You could simply leave them in a little dram to fill a diffuser with, make the above at a later time, or inhale when needed. 30ml should be big enough.

Once you have everything together simply mix the required number of drops and fill as directed above.

Other Considerations

When aligning your chakras using aromatherapy consider these steps to enhance your experience.

First, inhale deeply. Take time to rest and study the smell. Try to pick out the different components as you close your eyes or let your mind slowly relax and wander.

A good visualization exercise would be to lie or sit comfortably and focus on the particular area with the chakra you need to work on. If you are unsure feel through all seven chakras. Sense your body slowly. Where are you tense? Carrying stress? Where is loose? Do you feel relaxed anywhere? Any pain? Breathe in deeply and when you exhale try to release any frustration and tightness built up in your area of focus.

When things have loosened up some to your satisfaction move on to scanning your mental well being. What thoughts arose as your concentrated on your physical body. Is there something specific you will to manifest or are you still exploring? Either way relax and let your mind unravel.

After this continue as your see fit. Perhaps follow up with some self care, sleep, or a nice walk or activity that relaxes you and will let all the work you have done for your well being sink in.

If any of these oils don't suit you, feel free to add in or substitute as needed. Energetic alignment is an open canvass!


Essential Oil # of Drops


Cedarwood 50

Frankincense 50

Patchouli 50


Bergamot 30

Clary Sage 30

Patchouli 15

Rose Absolute 30

Sweet Orange 60

Ylang Ylang 15


Cinnamon 20

Grapefruit 70

Mandarin 70

Rosemary 20


Jasmine 30

Lavender 90

Sweet Orange 30


Basil 30

Bergamot 60

Peppermint 60

3rd EYE

Bay Laurel 30

Clary Sage 30

Frankincense 60

Patchouli 30


Frankincense 50

Jasmine 50

Lavender 50

Currently I am working on some special New Moon Chakra Aligning Manifestation Perfumes. The process is intuitively divined and so I create only when the energies call me. So far I have limited edition Root and Sacral Blends available if you would like to skip the work and get down to the magic.

I hope you found this DIY blend guide useful, inspiring, and that it aided you on your life path!

Much Love & Good Karma!

- Kitchen Witch Renee


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