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Hi I'm Kitchen Witch Renee😁

Hi! I'm Kitchen Witch Renee✌😁 Founder of Wildcrafts🌿🌙. Thought it prudent to give myself a little reintroduction so here are 10 quick facts about me🤗.

❤ I am a homebirth mom of 3 awesome boys!

🧡 I am the cook, homeschool teacher, healer, and household manager of my family 😋.

💛 I love gardening, reading about psychology, history, and medicine, and getting outside in nature in any way I can🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌲🌳🌳🌲🌳🌳.

💚 I don't eat genetically modified foods and have been working towards freeing myself of eating out ever, #chipotle is my weakness😆.

💙 I teach English to Chinese students from home with #Vipkid & am a linguistic anthropologist 🤓.

💜 I have been with my husband 12 years on 12/12/20 and I love him more than the moon and stars🌙🌌🥰!

💞 I am pro freedom & will not give up my or my family's bodily autonomy under any circumstances 🙌!

💓 I love crystals, essential oils, plants, and sunshine🌞!

💖 I am manifesting a farm homestead on 20+ acres where my my whole family can live off grid in eternal happiness🏡🏞!

💗 I have overcome depression, addiction, ignorance, and great personal suffering to reach joyous self-awareness and am on the right path to achieving my highest self🙌!

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