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Sacral Chakra Perfume Summer Days for Creativity

- Sacral Chakra Boost Summer Days Perfume is specially tuned for balancing the energy of the second, lowest chakra associated with creativity, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships. Handcrafted on the New Moon. 
- New Moons are significant because they mark a time of new beginnings, initiating reflection, setting intentions, & the release of old ways to facilitate a fresh start. They are infused with the energy of possibility & promise.  
- Wildcrafts uses only organic ingredients & recycled packaging!

Sacral Chakra Summer Days Perfume Organic Ingredients: Filtered Fluoride Free Water & the Essential Oils of
Sweet Orange - Increases Energy / Improves Mood
Bitter Orange - Invigorating 
Neroli - Boosts Creativity
Grapefruit - Stress Relief
Australian Sandalwood - Aphrodisiac 
Nutmeg - Improves Mood

This Blend is offered in either a large 1 oz. Green Glass Mister Bottle or a smaller Rainbow Roll on Vial as pictured. 

Thank you for allowing me to help you manifest your dreams. 

Custom Requests Welcome!
Much Love & Good Karma!
- Kitchen Witch Renee 🌙🌿💙🤗

Sacral Chakra Perfume Summer Days for Creativity

$23.33 Regular Price
$11.67Sale Price
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