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Neutral Organic Lip Balm Nourishing No Plastic Lip Balm

Upgrade your self care, manifest good vibes, & lower your impact on the planet with a Highly Nourishing, Organic & Vegan, Natural Eco Friendly No Plastic Lip Balm!


Neutral Balms are crafted on the New Moon! ( see below why the New Moon is so special! ) Each limited batch is hand-poured and created with ritual magic to imbue it with a special manifestation force. This is chosen by a random card pull from the Magikal Herb Oracle Card Set ( The current batch is HARMONY AND MEDITATION). 
Neutral's all natural lip balm formula is thoughtfully crafted in an Earth friendly🌏💙, plastic free, compostable tubes! No labels means less toxic inks, and helps you do an extra little part to help mother earth effortlessly. 


100 % Organic ingredients! Fragrance & Flavor Free, nothing but Mother Nature's Goodness 😊🌏💙! Excellent for dry chapped lips with super nourishing Shea Butter & Avocado Oil which absorb quickly to soothe and create a protective barrier that lasts! 
🙌🌿 Hand Poured & Small Batch - I pour these little blessings one at a time. Just a huge glass dropper, some Kitchen Witch magic, and a calm mind😊 to successfully create excellence in batches of about 50! It takes three steps of pouring and cooling with a steady hand to achieve Neutral Magic lip balm perfection.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Avocado Oil, & Vitamin E


**Each batch of Neutral Plain Hand-Poured Lip Balm is christened with a card pull from the Magikal Herb Oracle card deck on the New Moon.

This latest batch has been imbued with the energy of MEDITATION & HARMONY: What a Better Pair than Mediation and Harmony?! These cards fell out of the deck together when I was crafting on the New Moon of 4/20. They are a synergistic duo who will help all who fall under their energy achieve inner harmony and perhaps interpersonal harmony in their relationships. HARMONY represented by Hawthorn indicates stability and balance. A return to center and the discovery of harmonious relationships. The chance for a change of attitudes and decisions in your favor is forthcoming, so don't be too quick to move on anything just yet, meditate on it and the change will come at the right time. MEDITATION is represented by the herb skullcap. It is a positive card that expresses favorable outcomes, especially with goals. Now is a good time to set new goals or check in on ones in progress (especially on a new moon! Check out the back of my business card for a free new moon calendar!). There is hope for anything you may be concerned with and inspirations should be surrounding you. Don't let good ideas gather dust. Have faith and believe in yourself! 


Why the New Moon?
New Moons are significant when crafting because they mark a time of new beginnings, initiating reflection, setting intentions, & the release of old ways to facilitate a fresh start. They are infused with the energy of possibility & promise. Because of this, the New Moon portion of the lunar cycle is ideal to begin something and allow its maximum potential to shine!  


This Listing is for 2 or 3 Lovely Neutral Lip Balms Filled with Good Vibes! Plastic free! Packaged in unlabeled compostable cardboard push up tubes & shipped in recycled paper compostable mailers.


***Note! These eco friendly lip balm tubes are a little different from the usual wasteful plastic lip balm tubes in their mechanics. You will need to push them up from the bottom using a small flat object. No worries though, I provide a cute little pencil in each order whose eraser is perfect for just that (To save on resources that are un-needed, please let me know if you do not need the pencil and I will leave it out of your order. Thanks to all that do!) Being gentle is the key, take a deep breathe, push up, and lightly take only as much as you need. Fantastic!


Pro Tip! If you push up too much lip balm out of the tube, don't use your finger to push it back down. Instead tap the bottom of the tube on a hard surface and the lip balm should glide down by itself.


Your purchase helps a mom of 3 fulfill her dream of having a homestead farm for her family!

Neutral Organic Lip Balm Nourishing No Plastic Lip Balm

$23.00 Regular Price
$11.50Sale Price

Organic & Vegan Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, & Avocado Oil


Apply as Often as You Like for Beautiful Soft Lips and to Cure Cracked Dry Lips

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