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Inner Peace Calming Blue Chamomile Jasmine Face Cream

Inner Peace Calming Blue Chamomile Jasmine Face Cream is the perfect way to bring a little bit of tranquility into your daily beauty routine. Infused with calming blue chamomile and jasmine essential oils, this luxurious cream is designed to nourish your skin and soul. Inner Peace is crafted with carefully selected skin-repairing oils, including raspberry seed oil and carrot seed essential oil, as well as our special limited edition Rosey Glow Oil. A little bit of this cream goes a long way to restore balance and inner peace


Not only does Inner Preace moisturize, but its paired with powerfully calming essential oils. Blue & Roman Chamomile with Rosemary, Jasmine, & Geranium, these aromas have powerful effects on the nervous system dispelling anger and grief and promote wellbeing through inner peace. Enjoy a moment of tranquility with this luxurious face cream.


Inner Peace Calming Blue Chamomile Jasmine Face Cream was created in a small batch using only real organic ingredients. Handcrafted on the New Moon, Inner Peace New Moon Aromatherapy Night Balm is enhanced with the energy of possibility & promise, new beginnings, initiating reflection, setting intentions, & the release of old ways to facilitate a fresh start. It is intended to be used anywhere on the body, but was crafted with the intention of being a light, but incredibly nourishing night cream for the face and decollage. Be sure to take time to deeply inhale the fragrance to enhance Inner Peace's calming capabilities as it absorbs into your skin. Ideal for use with a Gua Shua!

Organic Ingredients: 
Essential Oils of:
Blue Chamomile
Roman Chamomile
Carrot Seed 

with Shea Butter
Vitamin E Oil
Red Raspberry Seed Oil
Candellila Wax 


Rosey Glow Oil 


Offered in a 1.4 oz and 3.5 oz size


Your purchase helps a mom of 3 fulfill her dream of having a homestead farm for her family!

Inner Peace Calming Blue Chamomile Jasmine Face Cream

$36.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price

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Growing Beauty Health & Happiness! Sending you all love & blessings! - Kitchen Witch Renee

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