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Classic Rider Waite Tarot Card Readings by Kitchen Witch Renee

A simply or in depth video reading from famous classical Rider Waite Tarot Deck done with love and for the highest possible good by Kitchen Witch Renee.

Each of my readings is divined in a custom video (sent via email) just for you! I will set my alter for the occasion, cleanse the energy and channel through the symbolism of the cards, a divine message to guide you. I may reference other texts and guidebooks as well as draw from my knowledge and intuition to provide a holistic reading with as much information as possible. Specific questions may be asked if desired or you can allow the cards to show you what you need to know. Also as part of your reading to help remind and build on what you have learned I will send you a single tarot card. 
 offer four types of readings:

1. Simple Past, Present, Future, is a 3 card draw highlighting as the reading name suggests, aspects of your past, current situation, and potential future that are of significance to you. This reading is short and sweet and may be 5 minutes of longer.

2. The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular forms of divination with tarot and offers a lot of information to the recipient. It is excellent for dealing with specific questions/problems that you are facing and will give you information on not only past, present and future, but also, hopes and fears, possible outcomes, how your see yourself, how others perceive you, guidance on what to do to resolve the situation and more. This is my go to spread when I have reached a crossroads in life and don't know which direction to go. This reading will be a minimum of ten minutes and often will go longer because of the amount of information involved.

3. The Work Cycle is a type of reading deigned to give you a broader perspective regarding what to do and what your options are when dealing with challenges, It allows the reader to go more in depth and look at the situation from multiple perspectives by combining cards. Instead of reading each card individually, this type of card spread focuses strongly on meanings derived by how the cards combine linearly. This is an excellent choice for those who understand their problem, but need to see the ways in which they may solve it. The Work Cycle Reading is a minimum of 10 minutes in length.

4. The final option I offer is the Tree of Life which is an epic reading that requires use of the entire tarot deck of 78 cards. The Tree of Life shows your place in the world, similar to a natal horoscope, the Tree of Life, originating from the Kabbalah, is a dynamic reading that gives details of a persons development through life, including their Higher Spiritual Development (best qualities of the querent), Wisdom/Creative Intelligence (the ways in which a person moves towards their Higher Spiritual Development, the process), Understanding (experiences that hold the querent back from development/burdens in life), Mercy (what the querent will achieve in life in terms of wordily gains, home, money, friends and how it may affect them), Beauty/ Health (emotional and physical wellbeing throughout life, Eternity/Victory (discipline, the ways in which a person can put their imagination and talents to work), Reverberation/Triumph/ (Love and Lust, sexual drive, urges, what a person wants and the way these urges work in practice), Foundation (imagination, foundation of the self, energies coiled in the unconscious), Kingdom (the world around the person, external influences, other people, situations both social and political). Daath (the final trunk of the tree that relates to all the other parts helping join them together). The Tree of Life is a huge reading and takes time. Expect at least a 30 minute video at minimum.

Interested in another type of divination? I also offer Divine Herbal Oracle Card Reading that come with an herbal self care package and Star Seed Oracle Life Path Readings (see my other listings or check out )

Not familiar with the Rider Waite Tarot? 
The Rider–Waite Tarot is a widely popular deck for tarot card reading, also known as the Waite–Smith, or Rider Tarot. Based on the instructions of academic and mystic A. E. Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, both members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the cards were originally published by the Rider Company in 1909. While the images are simple, the details and backgrounds feature abundant symbolism. 

About Kitchen Witch Renee
I have always felt closely connected with the healer archetype. Starting even as a young child I found myself drawn to priesthood, only to find out it was a men's world. I instinctually gravitated towards the path of light, giving, caring, and healing while being deeply connected to Mother Nature my whole life. It took many years of experiencing the shadows of this world and overcoming my own to reach the point I am today, divinely guided and challenged to enter the path of the Kitchen Witch. A Kitchen Witch does their magick within the hearth & home. They work with herbs, put magick into meals, & can work intuitively with plant energy to create blessings & wellness. From herbal tea, to carrots on a dinner plate each have their own magical purpose. Indeed, the most minute domestic tasks done by the Kitchen Witch are weaved into divine manifestations of love!

Classic Rider Waite Tarot Card Readings by Kitchen Witch Renee

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 I am always here for all your Organic Health and Wellness Questions! Use the contact form in the FAQ, email, call or text 216-313-0124 my personal business line.


Growing Beauty Health & Happiness! Sending you all love & blessings! - Kitchen Witch Renee

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