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Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh Tincture Organic Handcrafted Aged 1 Year

Midwives and naturopaths have used Black and Blue Cohosh for centuries. Double Cohosh is a 50 / 50 mixture of Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh infused traditionally on a New Moon.


What is a tincture?

A tincture is an alcohol infusion of an herb that is excellent for rapidly introducing herbs into the body. Taken orally, a few dropperfuls is enough to reap the many benefits. It is ideal to hold the tincture under the tongue for a minute before tasting, then consuming. Experiencing the bitter tastes of the herbs relays signals to your brain, giving it advanced notice to prepare the body. This step of taste is considered essential in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Tinctures are superior alternatives to drinking copious amounts of tea or eating dozens of capsules. They are the perfect solution for people who want the benefits of an herb, but who do not have lots of time.


Wildcrafts Tinctures are Infused on a New Moon! New Moons are significant when herbally infusing because they mark a time of new beginnings, initiating reflection, setting intentions, & the release of old ways to facilitate a fresh start. They are infused with the energy of possibility & promise. Because of this, the New Moon portion of the lunar cycle is ideal to begin the extraction of an herb and allow its maximum potential to shine!


Organic & Vegan Ingredients: Black Cohosh Actaea racemosa & Blue Cohosh Caulophyllum thalictroides Infused in Alcohol on a New Moon


Size 1 oz. or 2 oz. Dropper Bottle


Wildcraft Double Cohosh is made in a ratio of 1:4 1 part herb to four parts alcohol. It is handcrafted and shaken lovingly with good vibes everyday and infused for 1 year. It is then gently strained and handfilled into glass bottles. Each bottle is meticulously wrapped in its label then packaged with care! Sorry I am not allowed to give advice on how to use these herbs via FDA policy. However you will find many resources for your information if you search.


Your Purchase Supports a Mom of 3 & Our Dream to Reach a Homestead!

Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh Tincture Organic Handcrafted Aged 1 Year

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Growing Beauty Health & Happiness! Sending you all love & blessings! - Kitchen Witch Renee

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