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Kitchen Witch Cafe

Welcome to the Kitchen Witch Café! A place for all things Organic, Happy, Healthy, & Awakened!

Grand Rising!

I am Kitchen Witch Renee and this is my Kitchen Witch Café filled with all things Organic, Happy, Healthy, Positive, and Awakened. Herbal & Holistic Health Tips, Nutritional Wisdom, Recipes, Personal Growth Stories, Homeschool Ideas, Organic Gardening Know How & Metaphysical Guidance from a Kitchen Witch! Tackle Life Naturally & BE YOUR BEST inside and out!

I am a crunchy mom of 3 wonderful boys, master gardener, herbalist, homeschooler, linguistic anthropologist, and avid student of occult mysteries & alchemy. I love cooking/baking, reading, creating a homestead, fung shui, gardening of course, card games, and occasionally a little old school video gaming.

I created this café to share uplifting informative news and information to help create a better world, more in tune with nature. I plan on sharing interesting articles, recipes, meme's and tidbits found all around the web to help people heal themselves and stay aware of world events. If anyone would like to contribute I am open to submissions =).

How it All Began

I truly believe in fate and synchronicity, and it is those energies that intertwined and brought me to where I am today. As a youth dissatisfied with hypocritical Christian religion I sought out other energies to find my true home. I was led astray as too many today are and suffered ignorance until being lucky enough to be found by my now husband. Our meeting set into motion our destinies to awaken to the horrible toxic realities of our world.

This was how my journey began, learning and changing my lifestyle into an organic one, balancing both my psyche and body while eliminating all things toxic and low vibrational. The process of awakening is never-ending, but now that I have grown confidant in my powers/ experiences, I am excited to share my knowledge of escaping from the shadows of this realm with others. Helping spread light and love to user in a new age.

I Hope I Can Help You Be Your Best Inside and Out!

Thank you for your attention!

Sending Much Love & Good Karma,

Kitchen Witch Renee =D


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