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Kitchen Witch Cafe

You are What You Choose to Become

You have the power to transform into what you think you can only dream of🌌💥. How you interpret life's ups and downs greatly determines how those events will impress upon you. Are you taking life's hiccups and heart attacks with stride🙃 and learning those lessons🤓? Or are you cringing every time😫, cursing the gods and fate, or literally cursing☠ yourself with 'This always happens to me!' 😬. Life is a beautiful ride🌌, light and shadow are necessities🌞🌑. Next time things get tough ask yourself 'What am I supposed to learn from this?'🤔 To help stay in the present and clear your mind repeat the mantra 'Enjoy the ride.' & take some deep breaths. This always helps me return to center🤗.

Organic💙 & Vegan🌿 Herbal Remedies for Beauty, Health, & Happiness infused on a New Moon 🌙


🧡 Etsy Shop: Wildcrafts Wares

Much Love & Good Karma!

- Kitchen Witch Renee 🌙🌿💙🤗

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