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Rosey Glow New Moon Ritual Body Oil live on Wildcrafts Etsy & Today @ Noon!

Rosey Glow New Moon Ritual Body Oil with be up and available on my Etsy & @ by noon today🙌❤🌹🌺🌱!!

Testing is complete & I am in LOVE with this Wildcrafts manifestation😍😍😍. I applied one dropperful of to my dry locks and hair, they were softened & glowed🌞. I massaged my face using rosey glow with a gua shua. It felt like I was turning my skin to silk, the oil absorbed very well, and my skin appeared brighter and less splotchy. Finally I applied about 2 dropperfuls to cover my whole body☺. What a treat😋🥰!! I felt like a goddess!! The aroma is sensational!! Rosey🌹and a super sweet floral 🌸 with hints of sweet and sour🌺 Hibiscus with Rosemary 🌿. Even without the Essential Oils of Elemi, Geranium, & Rosemary the infusion of Hibiscus, Rosehips, Reishi, Chai, Turmeric, & Matcha was deeply aromatic and dreamy☺🌿🌺🌹. I have been using this daily & can feel its power. I wanted to create something that will grow inner-standing, self love, & aid the wearer in gracefully finding & loving themselves while blossoming in their true power unashamedly🙌❤💚. First infused on the Libra New Moon for Balance then bottled & blended with Rosemary Antioxidant & Rose Hip Seed Oil along with the aforementioned Essential Oils on the last New Moon in Sagittarius to create a firey glow within & without🔥. I feel natural & home in my raw power and am flowing comfortably on my life path with ease🌌.

💗Each Red Glass Dropper Bottle will come with a Rose Quartz Heart Crystal

Organic💙 & Vegan🌿 Herbal Remedies for Beauty, Health, & Happiness infused on a New Moon 🌙


🧡 Etsy Shop: Wildcrafts Wares

Much Love & Good Karma!

- Kitchen Witch Renee 🌙🌿💙🤗

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