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Powerful Natural DIY Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils

With the idea of preventing illness at the forefront of many minds these days hand sanitizer has become a popular go to way of relieving anxiety and cleansing ourselves when venturing about. It really is too bad though that so many are subjected to the horrible toxic goo that is most cheap hand sanitizers found in stores. They can contain a myriad of awful ingredients unfit for the promotion of health. To boil it down, unnatural hand sanitizers kill off your healthy microbiome. Additionally, research had found that they increase the absorption of the harmful endocrine disrupting chemical BPA, they are known to hamper childhood development, are damaging to ecosystems, and contribute to the growing problem of "superbugs" (bacteria that have become immune to antibiotics).

The above issues are exactly why a natural alternative is the best option when you want to take that extra step to protect you and your family. This natural hand sanitizer recipe is exactly what you have been looking for and contains a fantastic blend of antiviral and antibiotic essential oils. Its powerful, smells great, lasts forever, can be tailored to your likes, and can double as a disinfectant wound spray. I love keeping it handy in my purse, diaper bag, and car. I spray it on, rub my hands together, and am good to go, feeling confidant that what I am using on myself and my family isn't doing more harm than good.

Natural DIY Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer

What you will need (All can be found on Amazon, but if you can go elsewhere and support small business please do.):

  • 1 glass measuring cup or other glass to mix in

  • 1 spoon or small whisk

  • A small funnel to fill a 1 oz bottle

  • 5 1 ounce glass mister bottles

Ingredients (Always choose organic. I purchase my essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and aloe from Mountain Rose Herbs.):

1.5 cups alcohol (feel free to substitute water or witch-hazel to make an alcohol-free version, however if you use water it may effect the shelf life of the mixture.) If you use water I would only keep the bottle a year.

1.5 cups Aloe Vera Gel

Any combination of these Essential Oils.

For my recipe, I use all of these, but if your missing one or two, it will be no problem.

15 Drops Clove

15 Drops Lemon

15 Drops Lavender

10 Drops Red Thyme

5 Drops Rosemary

5 Drops Tea Tree

5 Drops Hyssop

This blend of essential oils is my (Kitchen Witch Renee's) take on an old classic immune boosting essential oil recipe commonly referred to as thieves. These herbs are famous for their particularly strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and have been found to be effective both topically and when inhaled, so feel free to take a big whiff after applying to cleanse your nasal-ways. Classic Thieves includes Cinnamon, Cloves, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Lemon. Here I have opted to lose Cinnamon and Eucalyptus in favor of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Hyssop. You could definitely add these to your mix or not, but I particularly enjoy the refreshing aroma of my recipe's mix of essential oils. Lavender is calming and soothing and has been found to be particularly effective in reducing many horrible bacterial strains when diffused in hospitals. Tea Tree is comparable in my opinion to Eucalyptus in many ways and could be interchangeable in many recipes. Hyssop is a lesser used herb, but its actions are very cleansing for the respiratory tract when inhaled. It also is known as a potent antiseptic that helps a healthy natural immune system response.


Mix the above together in a glass measuring cup. Stir thoroughly and funnel into 1 oz. mister bottles. Makes 5 bottles, plenty to share and hand a few in different places. Lasts forever. To use as a hand sanitizer mist onto hands then rub (safe for kids). To use as a first aid spray mist on cuts and scratches (If you made an alcohol version of this it will burn when first applied. Stay strong it only lasts a few seconds.) Enjoy!


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