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Organic Elderberry Fire Syrup Recipe

🍇💜🌿Elderberry 🔥 Fire Syrup 🌿💜🍇! This new recipe I made on the New M

oon 🌙 kicks butt! I wanted to combine the lovely benefits & heat of fire cider 🔥 with the delicious palatability of elderberry syrup & it is awesome! I always want a little heat & spice when its cold 🥶 or I'm sick 😷 & this recipe has just the right amount to tantalize your tastebuds then dissipate without gulping down tons of water. I hope you love it & try it out for yourselves👍! Share & show me🤗! If I made some to sell would y'all be interested🤷‍♀️? Much 💜 & Good Karma! -Renee 😁

🍇Elderberry🔥 Fire Syrup by Wildcrafts 🌿🌙

Makes: 6+ 32 oz mason jars! But can totally be cut down for a smaller batch😊.


Elderberries 15 oz

Water 20 cups

Raw Local Honey 80 oz

Lemon Juice 2 cups

Cinnamon 1.5 oz

Cloves .5 oz

Cayenne 1.5 oz

Turmeric 1.5 oz

Fresh Ginger 3 oz

🌿Step 1: blend everything except for honey and lemon juice in a blender or #vitamix (you might not fit all the water but that's ok. Use enough to get it to blend well, then mix the rest of the water together in a big pot with the blended ingredient

🌿Step 2: bring to a boil, lower heat & cover, simmer to reduce liquid by half.

🌿Step 3: cool, strain, then add honey & lemon juice stirring well. Jar or bottle as desired. Delicious!!😋💜 I keep mine in the fridge for up to a month any longer and I suggest you freeze it.

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