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Kitchen Witch Tip #45

Does it bring you joy🤔? If not let it go❄🙌!! A big blocker of positive energy flow in a home is clutter and disorganization😒. How can you expect to accomplish new positive habits or general daily tasks with ease and happiness if it is a struggle just to begin them🥴?! Arrange your space so that what you do often is easy to access. When you struggle just to start a task ( moving a ton of things just to get to what you need, not being able to find what you need, needing to gather things from all over the house to start something) it creates tension, frustration and apathy. Organize your house tools so that to begin is effortless, you'll find that you jump into things more quickly and with much more vigor💪🔥😁! Trying to add something new to your daily routine? Put it in your face and readily available! Make space for new actions and activities! Do you have an organization problem with them fam? Does your husband forget his keys or kids throw their toys into a jumbled mess? To repeat something that doesn't work is 'insanity'. Don't let that go so the same problems repeat👏👏👏! Find a solution! (Make a space for the Mr. to put his pocket stuff, find colorful bins for the kids to organize their stuff in). And don't be afraid to change and adapt if your solution doesn't work the first time🙌! A home is ever evolving and situations will always change leading to new improvements😊. A HOME is a powerful thing, the hub of all your family energy 🏡. Manifesting abundance, happiness, and pretty much everything starts here⬇️ in your own temple. Much Love & Good Karma to ALL!! -Kitchen Witch Renee💙🌙🌿

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