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Is the Solution to Modern Depression Giving up Smartphones?

In Today's times the smartphone is inescapable. It has seeped into every activity of our day and become, some might argue, a necessity to live a successful life. Everywhere you go there are people looking down intently, taking in digital information. As we allow more of what our brains should be processing to be done by technology we lose ourselves. As we stare our brains are reprogrammed, the need to memorize, remember, and orally communicate are compromised. See Here Social Media creates superficial relationships and artificial/ unnatural interactions. People who use social media are more likely to feel isolated and have depression. See here

Additionally there is a significant risk to your health from exposure to smart phone radiation. Cell phone radiation has been know to cause brain cancer. More Here

electromagnetic radiation affects human physiology in many ways. It can disrupt our bodies metabolic processes and create stress on our hearts. For more details I recommend reading the Invisible Rainbow, an eye opening history of technology and the profound impact of our electronics of our bodies. Of worrying concern as well is new 5G Technology which will have tremendous consequences on our vitality in the not so distant future.

What I propose is simple. The smartphone is likely a huge factor in modern day depression, anxiety, loneliness, and mental illness. It is addictive, physically and emotionally damaging and perhaps spiritually damaging as well. It is also likely that we are tracked, traced, spied on, and invasive personal data about us is bought and sold to ad companies and goodness knows who through the apps on our phones (as if all of the above weren't enough to make you throw your phone in the trash).

There is no reason we must continue upgrading and improving to the latest wireless technology. For the sake of our health and humanity we must begin the process of unplugging from the abominable artificial matrix of the smartphone and plug ourselves back into a wired and maybe slower world.

I understand it isn't easy. I'm in the same boat as you. I use my phone daily, read news on it, check my emails, hear when I receive a sale from Wildcrafts and tend to my business. But the world around us is changing rapidly and calling for all who can understand what is occurring to be ready and open to big changes too.

Lets Get Down To It. Here are my solutions for removing the smartphone from your routine and hopefully one day your life forever. I intend to begin this process in my own life and enjoy the many merits of a less stressful and more peaceful day without a smartphone.

  1. Obviously limiting your time is an improvement over no limits. Perhaps you can begin by checking your phone only twice daily and even then, only actually looking at it for so long.

  2. Use a desktop! Do you really need to know if someone had emailed or texted asap unless there are special circumstances? Create personal boundaries and answer people back promptly, but in your own time, later, from your desktop/laptop. or in one short period on your cell phone.

  3. Stop texting! Start calling your friends and family. Hearing each others voices improves communication and creates bonds. It is worth it to stop and make the call!

  4. Replace the apps and tools with physical ones. Buy a real calculator, a camera, gps, metronome, play physical board games or at least desktop pc games. Buy and read actual books. use a map and look up the directions to where you are going beforehand. There is no reason everything in life needs to be faster to infinity. Slow down and enjoy the process, enjoy the moment. See the magic in the the everyday around you by allowing yourself to take in the world around you un-distracted.

  5. So this is the hard one. quick cell communication can be important for personal safety. To be able to call for help in an emergency is the best reason to keep a cell phone near. this is a problem that will have a different solution for everyone. Perhaps you are single and confident enough that you are able to forgo using a smartphone or cell phone altogether. Not everyone is as such. So for people like me who feel that they must have an immediate communication route it is one solution to carry with you a simple cell phone without smart capabilities. Even better in a Faraday bag only removed when needed.

I have had these thoughts for half a decade or more. A disgust for the smartphone and the depersonalization of humanity through cell phone technology. The plans of those that would foist harmful appliances on us, to serve their own goals and schemes for control, are finally coming to light. More and more people are realizing that we have been mislead in many ways. I pray that we find the strength to follow through on this challenge, and one day be free of smart technology. If you have any comments of your feelings on this topic, sources of more information, or suggestions to of ways to limit or eliminate smart phone use to any degree I would love to hear them in the comments!

As Always,

Much Love & Good Karma

- Kitchen Witch Renee


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