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How to Create a Wonderful Sleep Environment in Your Tiny Home without Going Broke

Just as MoneyCrashers explains, living in a tiny home definitely comes with its perks. Along with providing a simpler life and lower housing expenses, those who choose the tiny home lifestyle enjoy fewer maintenance responsibilities, and they can often move whenever and wherever they want. Of course, the limited living and storage space has its drawbacks, and one of the biggest challenges of tiny home living can be facilitating comfortable sleeping arrangements.

If you own a tiny home and need to figure out sleeping arrangements for you and your guests, here are a few budget-friendly tips to keep in mind:

Stretch your dollars

You can find a variety of affordable items at big-box retailers to make your tiny home more comfortable for living and sleeping. You can find deals on air mattresses, pajamas, multipurpose furniture, storage solutions, kitchen products, and a portable speaker (to listen to relaxing sounds as you sleep). What’s more, you can enjoy even greater savings by using online coupons before buying each product.

Take advantage of the environment.

One benefit of living or staying in a tiny home is that you can be more connected to nature at little to no cost. Make the most of the natural environment by capitalizing on sunlight and scenery. Exposure to sunlight can significantly reduce stress and promote restful sleep. Many tiny homes, by design, let in ample amounts of sunlight. However, if this isn’t your situation, be sure to keep the blinds drawn during the day.

On top of enjoying the sunshine each day, Elemental Green explains it’s an energy saver, can help you focus, and encourages a positive mood. What’s more, you can add plants to the space inexpensively, which will keep your tiny home’s air cleaner. Plants also have positive psychological benefits, to help you relax. You’re sure to sleep better as a result!

Leave open spaces.

Clutter is known to contribute to stress and inhibit healthy sleep habits. With tiny homes, it’s especially easy to accumulate clutter in a short amount of time. Stay vigilant in throwing trash away, putting things back where they go, and limiting what you bring into the home. It’ll only cost you a little time and energy, and the benefits are worth it.

Also, look into multipurpose furniture (e.g., ottomans, coffee tables, chairs, desks, etc.) that can be used to accommodate hang-outs, storage, and function all at once. That way, you’re getting the most bang for your buck, both in terms of money and space, and it’ll be less cramped and cluttered in your home.

Consider a lofted bed.

When it comes to lying down at night, it’s essential that you and your guests are comfortable. Because of their space-saving nature, lofted beds are very popular in tiny homes. They can provide a good night of sleep in a compact area, as well as a cozy hang-out area. Moreover, lofted beds can prove to be therapeutic, as they can act as a cocoon for your body. And you can find a number of budget-friendly mattress options specifically for sleeping lofts.

Consider convertible furniture.

Perhaps you don’t have the space for a sleeping loft, or you have a sleeping loft and need additional sleeping arrangements. This is where convertible furniture can make a big difference. One of the most common options is the Murphy bed, which folds in and out of the wall and comes in varying sizes. You can find manufactured Murphy beds or save a little money by building your own.

Other popular options are sleeper sofas and convertible futons. These are great solutions because they provide a comfortable place to hang out and rest your head while also saving space.

It’s important to maximize rest when you have a tiny home. Shop at Kohl’s for new items to save money, and make the most of the surrounding natural environment in every way you can. Also, keep clutter to a minimum, and look into multipurpose furniture, lofted beds, and convertible furniture that can save space while providing comfortable hang-outs and a good night’s rest. Making these changes can make all the difference when it comes to a great living and sleeping experience for you and your guests.

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