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How to Create a Multipurpose Martial Arts Studio at Home

Are you looking for a way for you and yours to stay active in the comforts of your own abode? Creating a workout space could be just the solution to getting more fit, both mentally and physically. With an area set aside for exercise, you have the opportunity to blow off steam after a hard day, or begin the day with some delicious stretches.

It’s also an opportunity to make room for other self-care activities. Create an area where you can engage in meditation, give yourself a massage, or even sip a cup of tea and savor a good book. Include some houseplants, herbs and aromatherapy in your plan so that you can reap as many benefits as possible from the space. Whenever you need a little me-time, it can become your go-to, and Wildcrafts offers liniments, tonics, and tinctures that beautifully compliment your self-care regimen.

Your new space doesn’t have to cost a fortune either! With the following resources, you can design an affordable, functional area that’s perfect for martial arts and all types of home fitness.

Why Invest in a Martial Arts Studio?

Is designing a space around martial arts a smart move for your home? If you plan to sell anytime in the future, bear in mind that martial arts is a niche sport. However, your space doesn’t have to be single-use. Here’s what to know when deciding whether to create a space for fitness at home.

● When most people think about increasing their home’s value, their minds go to curb appeal and high-end finishes. However, a home gym can be a smart investment in your home too; make sure you hang onto your receipts to share with an appraiser when the time comes.

● Home buyers are increasingly after flex spaces in their new homes. The key is designing a space that isn’t locked into being a home gym. If it only takes a few tweaks to convert a gym into a home office or craft room, buyers will see it as a bonus instead of a burden.

Find Extra Space in Your Home

Are you ready to take the leap? The first step is finding extra space that you can dedicate to fitness.

● Garages are the perfect space for a fitness studio because they’re a blank slate. Converting a garage into a bonus room can cost as little as $6,000 for basic finishing and climate control.

● If you don’t have a garage or can’t sacrifice the parking space, look for unused space indoors, like in a spare bedroom or flex room. With the right storage solutions, you can create space for fitness without giving up your flex room’s other uses.

● No space indoors? Turn to the backyard. Prefabricated sheds are surprisingly easy to convert into flex spaces. Just add some insulation, lighting, and climate control, and you’ll have a comfortable space to get fit.

Get Your Space Workout-Ready

There are a few basic touches every space needs to go from bonus room to martial arts studio.

● Flooring is the most important factor in a martial arts studio. Every training space needs mats, but the type of mat you need depends on your martial art of choice.

● Good airflow is also important in any workout space. Air conditioning and windows take care of ventilation indoors, but if converting a garage or outbuilding, look to budget-friendly solutions like ceiling fans and air purifiers.

● Don’t underestimate the impact of lighting! Well-lit spaces are simply more pleasant to spend time in. If you want your family to enjoy your new fitness space, invest in affordable LED track lighting that looks and lights better than cheap fluorescents.

Gear Up with the Right Equipment

Now that you’ve got the framework, it’s time to equip your martial arts studio. Here’s the must-have gear to keep active in your new workout space.

● Punching bags are a must for any solo practice. Do you have a youngster active in martial arts? For a punching bag that will provide endless entertainment for kids, look for one that’s appropriately sized for your child.

● A jump rope is another great addition to martial arts workouts. To ensure a jump rope is the right length, step on the middle of the rope and pull the handles toward your shoulders. The start of the handles should hit around your armpits.

● In addition to martial arts gear, include basic workout equipment in your home studio. Resistance bands, pull-up bars, yoga mats, and free weights take up minimal space while accommodating a wide range of workouts.

Dedicating square footage to your family’s fitness might seem like overkill at first, but the truth is, a healthier home is priceless. With space to get active at home, there are no barriers to a healthy lifestyle whether your family is under a stay-at-home order or not.

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