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Have Compassion for those Who are Different!

Open your heart💓 for yourself and others🙌! Compassion is not always easy & we may find ourselves constantly running back to our hearts center only to be thrust out again and again. Many may not hold the same viewpoints as yours, many have forgotten LOVE in their journey often because they have none in their own lives, and many have been mislead through no fault of their own. It is challenging to see their ignorance or immaturity and greet them only with love, but no matter how you react, perhaps with kindness or sometimes not (we're only human) return to Compassion💞. Forgive yourself for indiscretions and radiate the light of Goodness again and again despite all negative intrusions. It is the cross we bear again and again, but know that it does become easier to carry, easier to turn the other cheek.

One BIG thought that I find strengthens my Compassion is to look at the immense evil and suffering created by those that would have us join in a #greatreset and are part of a great conspiracy for the subjugation of humanity. Meditate on all they have destroyed, injured, tainted. Feel it in your heart, it is unimaginable really, the extent of their sins. Then ponder how beautiful the world could have been and still could be. How so much anger, sadness and misery which causes souls to lash out in anguish or wallow and throw tantrums like a child caught in a web of emotions is created by thier plannings, hatred, and interference. Bring it down to the micro level. Would you be arguing with your spouse, family, friends if you weren't stressed from the world they have created? Would there be more time for people to create mental and physical wellness, beauty, intelligence and maturity if they hadn't guided us into this artificial superficial cesspool they call a 'normal life'? Not to take responsibility away from the individual, but a beautiful life has been stolen from us!! We are all in this fight against tyranny together. Have Compassion for the regular folks around you, and realize where your true wrath should be placed. #newworldorder #mindcontrol #tarot #wildcrafts #kitchenwitch #globalism #nomask #healer #compassion #propoganda #crunchymama #crunchymom #love

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