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DIY Coconut Water Dreadlock Tightening Gel

DIY Coconut Dreadlock Tightening Gel👋🥥! I 💙 my dreads & wanted something to help lock & condition them. Products for this were 20$ for a little bottle😑! Making your own is so much cheaper & you can customize yours with your ❤ essential oils🤗!

Ingredients: 1 Pump Bottle 8 oz. 1 Young Coconut or Coconut Water 4 oz. 🥥 Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt .5 oz Aloe Gel 3.5 oz Witchhazel .3 oz -Optional- Rosemary Antioxidant Oil .05 oz Pomegranate Seed or Jojoba Oil .05 oz 30 drops Lemon🍋 or Your 💚 E.O. Guidance: 1. Open your Coconut🥥with a Butcher Knife😁🔪

2. Use a scale and pour everything into your pump bottle after measuring.

3. Shake well!! Shake before using each time too! A tiny bit goes a long way. This mix might work well in a spray bottle too. Use when you palm roll 🤗👋.

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