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A Quick Waterfall Meditation

Hold this space for just a moment 🙏. Take a deep breath and clear your mind🌌. Focus on the sound of the water and just be. This 1 minute is for you to discharge what doesn't serve you. Imagine everything you wish to release, negative energies, things that are holding you back from achieving your highest self. BREATHE out, and let it flow away down the stream. Their time has passed and all that remains is the True You, cleansed, free, calm. You are right where you need to be in your journey no matter where you are. Congratulate yourself! Say 'I Am Amazing. I Am Powerful. I Am Creating My Ideal World.'. Breathe. Release. Smile. Awesome!!

Organic💙 & Vegan🌿 Herbal Remedies for Beauty, Health, & Happiness infused on a New Moon 🌙


🧡 Etsy Shop: Wildcrafts Wares

Much Love & Good Karma!

- Kitchen Witch Renee 🌙🌿💙🤗

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