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Herbs for Oral Health Cinnamon Toothbrushing Powder: Product Feature

Oral hygiene has been a consideration for centuries, ancient cultures placed enough importance on oral care to create their own concoctions for keeping teeth clean. It’s no surprise considering how vital our teeth are for a comfortable life. Here is a short history of toothpaste from

4 AD: The world’s oldest-known formula for toothpaste was created by Egyptians. They crushed rock salt, mint, dried iris flowers & pepper, & mixed them together to create a cleaning powder. Although it was known to create bleeding gums. 1780: People scrub their teeth with a powder that was made up of mainly burnt bread (charcoal). 1824: A dentist named Peabody added soap to toothpaste for added cleanliness. Soap was later replaced by sodium lauryn sulfate (SLS) to create a smooth paste. SLS is an endocrine disruptor (upsets hormone function) & toxic foaming agent that has been shown to increase frequency & intensity of canker sore outbreaks. 1873: The first commercially produced was launched by Colgate. 1892: Dr. Washington Sheffield is the first person to put toothpaste in a tube. Early tubes were made of metals like lead or tin. 1914: Fluoride is added to toothpaste after discovering it significantly decreased dental cavities (A complete fabrication to get rid of Aluminum industry waste. Did you know Nazi's used fluoride to subdue concentration camp victims? Lets save this rant for another article, do some research if you would like more facts...) Additional ingredients will be added to toothpaste for various reasons each with its own list of side effects as time goes on. Triclosan is a toxic hormone disrupting, environmentally damaging chemical used to kill bacteria, which also negatively affects your microbiome. Artificial colors or flavors have been shown to be problematic to health in many ways. Hydrated Silica is the stain remover of the ingredients, but this chemical has been shown to build up in teeth over time & damage enamel. Alcohol dries the gums, damages soft tissue, and leads to more inflammation. The list goes on & on... 1975: Herbal toothpastes become available & more popular as an alternative to cleaning teeth without chemicals, including ingredients like peppermint oil, myrrh & plant extracts.

What is in our Herbal Cinnamon Toothbrushing Powder?

Organic Licorice, Myrrh Gum Resin & you guessed it, Cinnamon!

Why are these ingredients Amazing for Oral Health?

Licorice is produced from the root of the Glycyrrhiza glabra, which is native to India, some areas of Asia, & Europe. It has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, adding sweetness / improving the taste of herbals & increasing the functionality of other herbs.

According to the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research, an estimated 92% of American adults & seniors have had some form of tooth decay, while 59% of teens & 42% of children aged 11 & under suffer from it. Some bacteria in your mouth may be helpful, but an excess of a bacteria called streptococcus mutans metabolizes the sugars in your mouth, producing malic acid as waste. Malic acid is responsible for the plaque that builds up on your teeth & is ultimately what leads to tooth decay, gum disease, & cavities.

Bacteria protect themselves from harm by producing a type of biofilm that forms a protective layer. One of the ways to eliminate bacteria is to eliminate this protective layer. The Journal of Natural Products indicates that research has found two substances in licorice that kill the major bacteria responsible for tooth decay & gum disease called licoricidin & licorisoflavan.

These active ingredients help eliminate the enzyme that allows bacteria to create these protective layers, preventing the bacteria from attaching to teeth & therefore leaving them vulnerable. Additionally, a review published in the Natural Product Communications Journal concluded that licorice may be more effective at suppressing inflammation than ibuprofen.

Myrrh comes from tree sap that once hardened, becomes a resin. Commonly used for a variety of oral health problems, including gum health & healing mouth ulcers, Dioscorides (40–90 C.E.), author of De Materia Medica, even mentions myrrh diluted in wine as a mouthwash to strengthen teeth & gums.

Cinnamon has natural anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties & was found to be more effective than clove oil; exhibiting a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity, inhibiting all the ten test bacterial species involved in dental caries. Cinnamon is perfect for clean breath throughout the day & its scent has been demonstrated to aid in cognitive function, boost memory, prevent Alzheimer’s, reduce irritability & depression, & alleviate headaches.

Free from fluoride, harsh abrasives, & unnatural chemicals, our Cinnamon Toothbrushing Powder will leave your teeth super smooth & clean. It also encourages brushing by not creating an artificial continuous fresh feeling as conventional toothpaste ingredients do. The perfect travel size, take it with you to keep fresh & brush your lovely pearly whites as often as they deserve.

Try Some for Yourself Here!

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