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Why We Get Allergies & How to Treat Them Holistically

Allergies plague roughly 50 million people in the United States & are increasing, affecting as many as 30% of adults & 40% of children. Allergic diseases are the 5th leading chronic disease in the U.S. in people of all ages. But why are we unable to exist in our natural environment without being physically disrupted? Why do some of us suddenly manifest the onset of allergies later in life without warning? What steps can be taken to treat allergies holistically?

In my late teens I developed seasonal allergies which affected me in the Spring, particularly in the month of June. The symptoms were overwhelming, runny stuffed nose, itchy, watery eyes as if they were crying, sneezing constantly, & of course getting migraines from the combination of it all. Later as I became more health aware I slowly improved my diet from the ignorance of hamburger helper, ramen, fast food garbage, energy drinks, & chemical GMO rainbow candy. I began working out 10 minutes a day & began taking vitamins. It was the beginning of my journey in health & healthy living.

For many years I took steps to slowly increase my healthy life balance skills & each year as I improved, failed, & started again better than before, my allergies slowly improved & then disappeared altogether. I firmly believe that I was able to cure myself through eliminating toxic chemicals & foods while enriching my diet with as many whole raw plant based foods as possible. Years of neglect had left my body congested, inflamed, weak, vulnerable & working overtime, unable absorb the nutrients I ate or remove waste/toxic buildup properly. Consequently my body developed seasonal allergies. Why?

Everything is Inflammation!

Dr. David M. Marquis states it simply (Paraphrased from How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health, an excellent article for more detailed information.)

“Your gut is made of an incredibly large and intricate semi-permeable lining. Its degree of permeability fluctuates in response to a variety of chemically mediated conditions. For example when your cortisol is elevated due to the stress of an argument or your thyroid hormone levels fluctuate due to burning the midnight oil your intestinal lining becomes more permeable in real time. Then you sit down to eat and partially undigested food, toxins, viruses, yeast, and bacteria have the opportunity to pass through the intestine and access the bloodstream, this is known as leaky gut syndrome, or LGS. When the intestinal lining is repeatedly damaged due to reoccurring LGS, damaged cells called microvilli become unable to do their job properly. They become unable to process and utilize the nutrients & enzymes that are vital to proper digestion. Eventually, digestion is impaired and absorption of nutrients is negatively affected. As more exposure occurs, your body initiates an attack on these foreign invaders. It responds with inflammation, allergic reactions, and other symptoms we relate to a variety of diseases.”

Being unhealthy is a perpetual cycle. You eat bad, are exposed to harmful substances in the air & through your skin, & are not physically active enough to encourage fluid movement to remove toxic build up in the body through sweating. Because of this your body’s organs do not function properly & issues like leaky gut, hormone imbalance, & impaired cognitive function occur. These issues then feed the cycle of unheathfulness, creating new branches of issues that compound & are different for each person based on infinite factors. Symptoms that begin suddenly at different points in our lives are merely points at which our body is signaling it is at a limit & needs help. Even then everyone’s body signals are not necessarily the same. Thus it is both difficult to see inflammation as a common source/cause of signal symptoms, while being simultaneously hidden in plain sight that it is a common factor.

The solutions are both definitive & broad. There are many paths staring at many different points for every person & diverging in endless directions. Some actions are required at a minimum to begin healing your body & returning it to a point of stasis & vitality & are common “must do's” for all. From these common “must do's” there are many approaches & branches to take. Explore as many as possible, see how you feel, & find what works for you.

It took me over half a decade to reduce then remove my allergies. There is no miracle cure or immediate solution. Antihistamines, prescriptions, & even herbs only treat the symptoms & are a fraction of the steps that must be taken to make progress. Don’t be overwhelmed, start somewhere, apply yourself diligently, & make goals. It is ok to fail & start again infinitely, do not be discouraged.

Here are some actions to become healthier. Begin removing your allergic reactions & reduce inflammation in the body that I have taken or that are recommended by other professionals. I have separated them into what I believe are the “must do’s” & components of each “must do” to test for yourself. When making lifestyle & diet changes always consult your physician & start small.

Remember you are worthy & are capable of miraculous feats of self-healing. Muster perseverance & take the leap, begin your journey.

Must Do's

Eat Well (Most important!)

+ Remove all processed food & GMO ingredients from your diet immediately

+ Eat plant based nutrient dense food

+ Cut or eliminate sugar from your diet, aim for 7g or less daily

+ Cut out dairy

+ No more gluten

+ Eat more fermented foods & prebiotics

+ Take whole food vitamins like Synergy Brand & a probiotic

+ Filter the water you drink & bathe/shower in from chemicals, heavy metals, & fluoride

+ Take Raw Wildflower Honey (if you are not vegan) daily or dose yourself with pollen extracts (vegans & not)

+ Consume Turmeric regularly in combination with black pepper & a healthy fat such as coconut oil


+ Exercise regularly & sweat

+ Take herbs & eat foods that support your liver

+ Fast regularly

+ Drink Water

+ Take an adaptogenic & tonic herb regularly to balance your systems such as those found in our Body & Mind Whole Body Support Elixir

Improve your Lifestyle & Surroundings

+ Get regular sleep & learn to accept & know when to rest

+ Take actions to reduce stress

+ Create conditions of love & appreciation

+ Keep a positive attitude

+ Filter your air from toxins, use plants!

+ Remove toxic cleaning chemicals & products from use if possible

+ Take care in what materials you use in your home as many building materials offgas harmful chemicals & many cloth items (furniture, clothes, et cetera) are coated in chemicals for preservation & fire retardation which are harmful to you.

I hope you find these steps helpful & a starting point for wellness. I would love to know about your healthy living journeys, “must do's”, & any questions you may have.

We at Wildcraft Apothecary LOVE to help people find their path to beauty, health & happiness inside & out. A healthier world is a happier world.



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