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Quick Ten Minute Daily Meditation to Realign Body & Mind for Busy Souls

This quick meditation is perfect for those who want the benefits of meditation but can’t seem to fit it into their busy schedule or make a habit of it. It combines anatomical alignment through postures (Yoga), Reiki healing, and vocal chakra meditation. While ten minutes will do, it is important to pay attention to your body maintaining what positions, mantras, & concentrations resonate and feel good for you at any given time. When time allows, try to spend as much time as your body feels is needed in any one aspect of the meditation till it feels right to move on instead of rushing the process. Daily practice of this can build your endurance & will to meditate, align your neck, back, & hips, & assist in balancing/healing the chakras.

To begin, find a comfortable place free from distractions that offers a wall or structure you can rest against with your back and shoulders touching against it. Also have another location, object such as a couch, or a couple of thick pillows nearby for the final position in the meditation where you must lie flat with your knees resting in the air bent in a ninety degree angle.

Part 1:

  • Scoot your butt as close to the wall as possible making sure the back of your head is touching the wall, & pull your shoulder blades back so they are flat against the wall.

  • Put your hands face up in your lap & flex your toes back.

  • If you desire, close your eyes or choose an intention for this meditation. While sounding a chakra mantra you may concentrate on the respective area represented by the chakra if desired.

  • Clear your mind and take a deep breath filling your lungs entirely, when you breathe out release all that has come before this moment and all that you have anticipated for the future, clearing your mind. If you feel compelled, continue with a few more matching breathes then move on to the following steps.

  • You are now entirely in the present & will begin chanting the mantra for your first chakra, the Root Chakra (survival, grounding, & physical health) LAM. Repeat 5 x’s while covering your eyes with your hands (Reiki Posture 1). Cover your ears with the palms of your hands (Reiki Position 2) repeat again 5 x’s.

  • Move your hands to the back of your head (Reiki 3) continuing onto the mantra for your second chakra the Sacral (sexuality, emotional balance, how we accept others & new experiences) VAM, repeat 5 x’s. Cover the front of your throat (Reiki 4) with your hands, repeat again 5 x’s.

  • The mantra for the third chakra, the Solar Plexus (self-esteem & motivation) is RAM, repeat 5 x’s. Have your hand on your heart then repeat again with your hands on your ribcage (Reiki Postures 5&6).

Part 2:

  • Lay down on your back & scoot your butt as close to the wall as possible, flex your feet back so they are pulled tight, & pull your shoulder blades back, so they are flat on the floor.

  • The next mantra is for the Heart Chakra (our ability to love, inner peace, joy) YAM repeat 5 x’s each first with your hands on your belly button (Reiki 7), then again, moving your hands to your pelvic bone (Reiki 8).

Part 3:

  • Lay flat on your back, & put your legs up at a 90 degree angle on a chair, object, or pillows, rolling your shoulder blades back so they are flat on the ground, & letting your arms fall naturally at a 45 degree angle. The fifth is the Throat (communication & truth) HAM, repeat 10 x’s

Part 4:

  • Sit up with your legs crossed or straight forward, whichever feels more comfortable. Align your posture as if your head were being pulled up by a string. Cross your arms over your chest putting your hands on your shoulders (Reiki 9).

  • Use the mantra for the sixth chakra the Third Eye (our ability to focus, intuition, wisdom, thinking clearly, making decisions) AUM (om) 5 x’s. Move your hands to the small of your back (Reiki 10), repeat the mantra again 5 x’s.

  • Put your hands on your knees (Reiki 11) beginning the last mantra for the seventh chakra the Crown (spirituality) AH (alternatively you may choose silence instead of this mantra), repeat 5 x’s. Move your hands to the soles of your feet (Reiki 12) repeat a final 5 x’s. Bring your hand to your knees in a mudra if desired & take 5 deep breaths. Stay in the position for as long as feels right, comfortable, or you have time for.

This meditation has helped me immensely allowing me to finally manifest the habit of meditation. I found myself having too many other daily needs or excuses why I couldn’t spend a portion of my time on my own well being. I found the timeframe & multiple facets of this attractive not only for its efficiency, but its comprehensiveness as well. Being somewhat familiar with & very much so interested in yoga, Reiki & the chakras I also found that it required little memorization & came quite naturally to me. If you find this helpful please let me know on our Facebook page, I would love to hear your experiences.

For an added element, or to assist with meditation or an intention, use aromatherapy oils on your temples (diluted) or in a diffuser during meditation. Wildcraft Apothecary offers custom aromatherapy blends for specific needs. You can order through our aromatherapy page on our website or via email, requesting a particular variety of essential oils or leaving it up to our expertise to craft a blend for your needs. Special Wildcraft premade perfumes/blends that are already designated for things like calming, irritability, uplifting your spirit, or just for the sake of being aromalicious are also available. Also check out our premade Chakra Balancing Kits designed with mindful research to facilitate the alignment of each specific chakra. Each kit focuses on a single chakra & comes in a hand painted cloth carrier bag containing: a 15 ml bottle of carefully selected & blended essential oils & a crystal with description card that resonate with that chakra.

Much Love & Good Karma Mama Nature

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